Friday, 15 February 2008

My name in lights

One of the things that I wanted to do this year was to pursue singing more. When people hear me sing, they always ask me why I don't do something with my voice and I never have a good answer, except that I'm lazy! I think for a while now I've been lacking in confidence about my voice. But over the last year, I've found a really great singing teacher who's given me my confidence back. So I decided to get off my backside and go join an operatic/musical society (all part of the NY resolutions of doing more) because I love performing on the stage (got that from being in a band) and choirs can be a bit boring. This week I went for an audition for a part in their latest show, The Man Of La Mancha. And I got the part!! I'm so excited and the standard was extremely high, but I did it, and this has boosted my confidence so much. And ok, so I won't have my name in lights, but it's a start!
I'm feeling the same at the moment about knitting too. I think I need to have more faith in myself and not be-little my talents so much. I've worked hard to learn both these skills of knitting and singing but too often I dismiss them. I am good at what I do and I should say that more. I've been so encouraged by people on Ravelry asking for a pattern for my Anthropologie-inspired jacket so I'm trying to work on that right now. I think you have to just go for things and see what happens. I have nothing to lose and I shouldn't be afraid of not being good enough. That shouldn't be a reason for not trying.

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