Friday, 29 August 2008

Cowl Love

The summer holidays are fast drawing to a close and I'm looking to September and the start of my course with a mix of apprehension and excitement. I think the biggest thing I'm worried about (other than inner-city schools) is not having any time to myself and that means no time to knit! I think this is spurring me on to finish all those projects that have been festering. I've finished about 4 projects in the last week which has to be a first for me. I tried taking pics yesterday but my camera didn't like the grey weather and so I didn't like how they came out. I shall try taking more (or getting my bf to take more) tomorrow. But here is one thing I've finished recently.


This is the first cowl I've ever knit or even ever owned and I love it! I love wearing scarves and pretty much wear one all year round, but this is so much better. No ends to get in the way, it's just perfect. And my bf likes it so much, I had to make one for him too! But he left it at this bandmates house so I haven't had a chance to photograph is on him. This is also the first of my knits in preparation for winter.

One good thing in all my finishing of wips is that I've nearly finished my second version of my Anthropologie cardi. I've found it a real challenge and I think this is why it's taken me so long. I loved the first version, but there were quite a few things that I wasn't completely happy with so had to change. I'm much happier with the second version. I hope at least that's when it's all finished and I get the pattern done that other people will be happy with my efforts too.